The Rules of Running

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Rule #1: Obey the Rules!
Rule #2: No Bare-foot running
Bare-foot running are only okay if your most used word as a kid was "Mzungu".
Rule #3: No 3/4-tights
3/4-tights are exclusively for girls.

Rule #4: No water-belts
No exceptions!

Rule #5: No garmin-laptop
It is not cool, that you have a garmin-laptop on your wrist, buy a smaller, prettier and better watch!

Rule #6: Stand still while waiting for a red light
Stop jumping or running at the spot while waiting for the red light.

Rule #7: Stop the winter light-up
Don't run around looking like a theme park with blinking lights everywhere.

Rule #8: Elixir of life, Cocoa or Beer
You rehydrate after running with Elixir of Life, Cocoa, or Beer - Consumption of protein shakes, soy-milk, light products and equivalents should be punished with spikes in your calfs.

Rule #9: Quit having a phone on your arm
Get a small music player for music or enjoy the nature and the sound of your own body. Register your runs with a beautiful small watch.

Rule #10: Keep to the right
You are not the fastest, keep to the right (or left in countries driving left sided).

Rule #11: Numbers of Running shoes
You own more pairs of running shoes than all other shoes for other purposes together.
Rule #12: Shoes can be any color
Shoes are contrast to the rest of your gear and can be any color you like.
Rule #13: No Commando in tights
You don't run in tights without something under. The eel and it female counterpart is not a trend you should experiment with. Running boxers are not those you wear under your everyday jeans.
Rule #14: It enver gets easier, you just go faster
You don’t stop when you’re tired, you stop when your done.

Rule #15: Upper goes on top of bottom
No singlet inside your shorts or shirts inside your tights, you look like a granny.
Rule #16: No comfort features
Terrain specific shoes are to be used only for it purposed terrain and your not running with comfy features, like GoreTex.
Rule #17: Running shoes are made for running
Any walking while wearing running shoes should be extremely limited.
Rule #18: Head sweat bands are no go
You don't run with a head sweat band.
Rule #19: If you run in bad weather, it means you are badass
You will never achieve your goals if you only run in good weather conditions.

Rule #20: Respect your club singlet
Your club singlet are to be used only in competitions. It is not to be used during training.

Rule #21: Introduce yourself
Do not pace yourself off others while training or join intervals group without introducing yourself.

Rule #22: The official time counts
The distance on your watch is inaccurate and usually too long, by that your own times on different distances are not valid.
Rule #23: Pace and distance are to be referred to and measured in kilometers.
Only use the Metric system when referring to your running data.
Rule #24: No shoe laces secure system
You are not using any gadget to secure your shoe lacers from untighting, learn how to tighten them properly.

Rule #25: Shorts are to be matching or black
Either your shorts match your singlet or they are to be black.
Rule #26: You are not better than your PB. Period
If you think you could have ran faster, you should have done it.
Rule #27: The purpose of racing is to win
End of discussion.

Rule #28: Quit the excuses
We dont want to listen to your excuses.
Rule #29: Train properly
Stick to your training plan. Ignore other runners who are not intentionally training. The time for being competitive is not during training, but during racing.

Rule #30: No long tights for competition
Long tights are only to be used for training.
Rule #31: No energy for runs under 2 hours
Do not bring out energy gels unless your run is longer than 2 hours.
Rule #32: Wash your clothes
Do never use the same running clothes twice without washing it in between. Yes it is really smelly!

Rule #33: Singlet, shorts and gloves
This is your favourite combination for competions below 5 celcius. You optimally wear gloves before long sleeves, because it looks pro and that is how the elite does it.

Rule #34: Quitting is not an option
Even if you have to walk the last 20km home during a marathon or you facing a 400m during the Olympics.